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of antiseptic precautions to avoid its transmission.
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chilly sensations, fever, headache and prostration,
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covered, they may be so powerless from intoxication as not to be able to
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considered these explanations unsatisfactory, and totally inadequate to account
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and perhaps disappears rapidly, lend support to the theory of ha^matogenous
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tissue, either acute or chronic, the acute being by far the most common.
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addicted to sleep-walking, and also of the dreaming condition. The
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assigned a very great part to the employment of damaged maize (Balardini,
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winter, pleurisy and pneumonia raged. The doctor was a dealer in
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had directed their attention particularly toward any
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this flap off the anterior veins without cutting them, though sometimes
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the catamenia of three days' duration, it having been conclu-
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from an inadequate conception of the fundamental sources
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. His long hair is unusually and frequently snarled in spite
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a 13 acre tract of land on the Blue Mound Road, three-quarters of a mile
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are agreed, that if the fracture involve the cord, at or above the level
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and bowels constipated, appetite lost, the patient restless and
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and in that way increases the leucocytosis and destroys the
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To all he was a most attractive and genial companion,
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Philo.sophical Seminary in this city, the two institutions would
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expressed regularly five or six times a day. The tech-
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blance to those of tuberculosis, syphilis and other inflammatory processes
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impairment, is often the bequest of an insane parent to a child, is a fact very
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Buffalo ; second Vice-President, Dr. Lewis S. Piloher,

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