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fashioned Fourth,' but about the only official that seems to

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inoculated in the foot will, tAventy-four hours after, cause tetanus in a

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Prayer was offered by Rev. W. M. Anderson. Addresses of

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climates, where fish soon become tainted, where salt is dear, or

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the uterus and found that it was about 4 inches deep, but

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tinued that they are working in the community a sort of social

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the frequency of the lesions that the thyroid was mainly at fault in the pro-

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Buffalo ; second Vice-President, Dr. Lewis S. Piloher,

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deafness progressed steadily, and by December 1917, was absolute.

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report to the State Board of Health. I may, however,

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ureters with paraflSn, fluids, air, the proximal isthmus is easily

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straightforwardness which marks such men as the late

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Science goes deeper than the unaided instinct, in determining

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that all, or nearly all, the trades now causing offence from the

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Spontaneous involution may occur, but it is very rare. Usually

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us. Let it suftice to state that revisions have been

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in a minute, and by the patient always preferring to keep the

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large glass jars conUiiniiig biscuits, cakes, and sweets, in which tho

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stimulate the extension of the disease." It is likely that

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venting this tissue degeneration is during this lithaemic stage.

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fragment is tilted backward. Reduction and retention in

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ili-udual failure of the circulation, and the intense anxiety of mind

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was simply no limit to the popularity which the man

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pravity calls forth a voluptuous feeling; it plunges

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distributed throughout the part become weakened physically and function-

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the dark finish of the woodwork. If these* were refinished in

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3. Treatment of the disease. — There should be no delay in getting a

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was antiseptic throughout, was continued for a month, and resulted in complete

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and chronic interstitial pneumonitis. In secondary cases symptoms

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an alveolus utilizes during its physiological action.

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Brill's disease to typhus fever; an experimental demonstration of their identity "

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The Pathology op Diabetic Coha. — ^Dr. Grube discussed before

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The person presenting the petition must have seen the patient within

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