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" I do not have access to tables giving the weight of the healthy liver

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with stenosis of the mitral valve, for with a valve of

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provincial health-officer (by Sect, xiv of the Local

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by another rear house, a brewery, a stable, or a fac-

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ing the last few weeks injections of ergot liave been

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ture, from the seventh to the twelfth day of the illness, declines by a prompt

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also in some cases afford positive evidence as to the seat

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The satisfaction that this arrangement will give, will de-

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majority of whose first-year students were until recent years

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The recognition of rejection in a pancreas recipient is

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been vaccinated, as he had had the feeling that we did not

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subsequent examination, proved to be tuberculous. The omentum was

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most substantial wise by the business men who have formed a corporation to carry-

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mann reaction, were used in this report. Of course,

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which shows no reaction to adrenaUn has no autonomic ner\'e-supply.

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Tuberculoxis peritonitis is, from the first, subacute. The researches of

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counting the nuclei in a number o£ preparations, the

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The Therapeutics of Exercise. [French.] By Dr. Fernand Lagrange . . . 684

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of typhoid fever? Med. Rec, N. Y., 1887, xxxi, 33-35.—

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bilious fever, after a day or two of malaise, a chill abruptly ushers

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gress has been held in the United States. The first

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but this view is highly improbable. In a certain num-

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Lassitude and progressive debility until, at length, the patient, who, up

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periments on dead bodies, which showed that an injec-

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animal whose longing is only appeasable by the re-appropriation of the prema-

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his dwelling and the character and condition of the surround-

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the ordinary treatment influencing much the course of the

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which accompanies the article shows that the head of the femur

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nodding and echimpsia nutans — must be evident from what has ah-cady

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carbon in steel and iron (Blair, /. Amer. Ghem. Soc, 1896, 18,

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roper precautions, however, these substances can be fed to dairy

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healthy-looking cell in a section of the central convolutions. The spinal

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