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hood or adolescence. Armstrong has recently attached the designation of
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located at Lexington, Dr. Chipley; and of the New York city
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In many juvenile paretics, s^^hilitic infection can be demon-
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insist that the child could not have taken cold because it was
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same assumption of identical age distributions in 1909 and 1901, as
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accompanied by much greater dangers. No greater boon could be
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Officers for the Ensuing Year were elected as follows:
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ing of the glottis is equally due to a general con-
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lucinations and mental excitability of undefined charac-
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colored slough, and surrounded by a livid unhealthy ap-
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•be encouraged to form foci of scientific learning. It
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did avowal of his own views in respect to its being not usually
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in connection with Sabouraud's hypothesis of the causation of alopecia
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increase the outflow of bile, but to allay irritation of the mucous mem-
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Thus, in the ordinary run of cases, rotation of the limb plus
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of the methods produce practical results to be depended upon. The blanching of
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collections were " mere stores of synovia for lubricating the joint,
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of the second group are endemic than in localities where only para-
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blood taken from an animal has the same rehition in weight to flie body
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possible means of lessening the dangers attending X-ray work
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If the venom of a scorpion is placed on the conjunctiva of a rabbit,
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t a source of fallacy in the primarj" subdivision which must
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arteries to empty into the veins, whereas in these cases it
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diameters being often greatly increased in such cases, room is thereby given for

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