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Surgery Suite and Recovery Room for Ambulatory Surgical Cases

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H. Nichols, is about to visit a number of European lunatic asy-

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region. He is of opinion that the situation of the pain in this region

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In some of the cases treated in 1872, the Calabar bean was given in

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the heart, it might safely be inferred to be an anaemic

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aus dem Gesundheitsamt," Band ii), the potato cultivation of

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The duration of fatal cases varies from a few weeks to several months.

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bringing their appointmenis up to date. Besides this, Munich

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but the diagnosis was correct ; the loud bellows murmur is still there, and

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wrong; but the child may simply seem listless and sleepy.

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tines. The lines are strongly drawn against the importation of

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meddle with the cesspools of householders. The Swiss

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of tuberculous sputum. It differs greatly in diflferent

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Steamboat Landing and five from the Railroad Depot.

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i.idide of potassium were administered, with almost immediate

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The forty-fifth recommendation advises " that persons be specially educated

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heat; if the precipitate takes on a purple color, xanthin is present.

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ful dieting and improvement of the general tone of the system. It is

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large, massive forn>s, with all intermediate grades between

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any one antiseptic will be equally efficient for all cases.

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has been hitherto unrecognized. Atropin. he claims, can not

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ing the improvement demonstrable even in the objective signs of the

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ject, and appropriately interpolating extracts, chiefly from Prof.

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Brain lesions may be (a) focal or (6) diffuse. Cord lesicMiB are dtlier (a)

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complication is caused by inaction of the uterus ; and our object,

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above the chest, and the tube brought to the zero point, which is

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the plates, the accuracy of the processes given, the exactness of

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