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50,000 population, are valued by the Corporation at £125,

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deformity just where it was — unless it be prevented

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the exception perhaps of the Dogra Brahmins, are little given

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Tbx Pharmacopsia op the United States. — Eighth Decennial Revision.

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spectacle ; we should have been delighted to have been there to have en-

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invasion. As to the parasites producing these fevers, Marchiafava

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able and exhaustive paper upon vaccination and vac-

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earthly labors Dr. Alexander !N". Gunn, a beloved associate, and an honored

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an extract of raw glands, in doses of one and a quarter to

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original schem.e of 1858 to endow with the franchise, andhave

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painful, for the hairs are often firmly implanted ;

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Transactions of the Micliigan State Medical Society for the

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Mr. Vanderbilt conun-atulations and thanks in behalf of the in-

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The necropsy was made by Dr. Voelcker and Dr. Lees. The spinal

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only technic he has found necessary is a fresh fast plate, pro-

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very of an individual, under these circumstances, has been in many

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the appearance of bedsores was regarded as a matter of course.

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would produce other advantages to society. An unfaithful

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tends higher than ever. In this way the disease, originally acute,

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has been observed in America and elsewhere, the attacks

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tours. L. Seitz ' has examined the curetings of 2 women, one

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and in 1 case nine years had elapsed since the operation. When it is

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met with in cases of tabes dorsalis ; so that instead of regarding the

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of agglutinating serum in rabbits is an exceedingly

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been omitted. The articles published in Danish have been translated.

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no acute disease. 7. The question whether the presence of ozone in

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De. J. C. Petees exhibited a map of the course of the fever

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Center, a Urological Rehabilitation Center, a Comprehensive

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Wassermann Reaction, U. S. Pub. Health Bull., 1913, No. 61, p. 1 1 ; abst., Trop. Dis. Bull.,

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water getting into the back of the mouth will be returned through

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