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scrobiculata. Petiolus folio sexies bre\aor, superne planus, inferne convexn?.

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same manner, this being generally much easier. The wound in the peritoneum

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nation there was found a pulsating tumor, the size of a

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before the notice of the Society a case of urinary sup-

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Ae hmg, the calibre of the finer tubes be so much narrowed by swell-

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acting it, and of preventing the typhoid type wliich

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this proposition of public health and the unfavorable surround-

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untenance, if not livid Iron; obstructed respiration, is pale, expressive of

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and theory of the disease, are both full of interest.

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whole limb, and not merely in the vicinity of the lesion.

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137 Johnson Street. On the maps for 1915 and 1916 such associations

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was made until after the expulsion of a mass the size of

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what it really was to sneeze. If the door is open, you sneeze. If a pane of glass

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Wchnschr., 1895, xxxii, 759.— Hermann (F.) Ueber die

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a length of about 2 inches. Several glass slides, 3

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uterus, and the patient walked to bed. She suffered

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fore, tAvo hours after the symptoms of perforation, the

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some small doses, cause only a sensation of uneasiness,

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"voiceless," a distinction of great importance in treatment. In the voiceless

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suppress the lupus anticoagulant activity until the child is

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the uterus, or of the adjoining structures. The tincture of

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room text-book, so the author has in this volume eliminated detailed descriptions

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locking. The half used by the right hand is called the right hand

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tation. The smaller cerebral arteries are physically unable

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more unt linking and cruel, than to turn off a poor worked

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