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Two cases of lung abscess shown in Table 10 also give no evidence

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M. Bernard noticed, on examining the stomach of a dog whose jugulars he

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months from the commencement of the pain. A week before his

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at which they must arrive. If they express composition, it is worse

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ten years, and twenty-five per cent in the first twelve months of life.

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time of his death, completing forty six years of practice.

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dropped under Article IV, Sec. 2, of the By-Laws. Said report shall

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the lateral ones with yfo c.c. of Crossness crude sewage. The tubes

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bic symphysis, where the eye can see and the hand per-

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C. Henri Leonard, A. M., M. D., Professor of the Medical and

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were cold or damp. Feels better from warmth, and cannot bear cold air.

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nothing very special in epithelioma in this situation.

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It is generally remarked that while the more serious forms of pulmo-

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fear our procedure is at present crude. The rules which

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food, and will need none. If, however, she shows signs of hunger, a

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