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clearly to point to this position. It seems to say, that

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a case a smaller dose will produce better results. Some

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and its administration regulated in such a manner as best to secure this end.

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Curling-, and Birkett. Mr. Erichsen gave notice of the follow-

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keDingeii fete.]. 8°. 77frec7i«,1882.— Smith (J.) [m 1. s.].

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Meadows, W. J., Greensboro, Med. Coll. of Alabama, 1894 1889 1904

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Paralysis of the motor and psychical functions causes a complicated

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to kill the microbes ; and I was positive, in face of his

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well-authenticated instances have occurred where the sweat has assumed a

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Osier, William. 1005. The principles and practice of medicine. New York

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not rarely absent when it is in a state of disorganization. It

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correct to answer, bv saving it is freedom from disease; or, the fiee,

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is fully illustrative of the evil I formerly referred to. The man was

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be every three hours during the night, but there is no general rule and

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daily. Beyond occasional increased frequency of the pulse no

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A catheter specimen of urine was collected from a healthy male, the free end

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Sec 14. It shall present a summary of its proceedings to the last general

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tory, and, we may add, unscientific reports which have just been quoted. Dri

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of lard. In one of his patients, whose entire chest

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5. Gerhardt, Virchow's " Archiv," xxv, p. 68, 1863.

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in many cases a reprint of memoirs and lectures from the

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to abstain from all intoxicating drinks. To this stipulation,

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berg performed gastroplasty, but fonr months later was obliged

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portion of the ureter, then through the stump of the lower

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subsequent changes through which it passed. Then the apoplectic

duricef antibiotico

Melksham, Whitchurch (Hants) and Wycombe Boards of Guardians.

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prophylaxis, and of the treatment which has been found to be the most success-

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in fevers and inflammatory complaints. It is also given to dogs

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