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stick. Monti quotes Chaussier as having found in 1 case 42, in another

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Morphia Acetate did not affect the secretion of bile.

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Surgery of Tubercular Kidney. O. Simos.— This article

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and circulation being carefully watched. Other remedies, of the value of

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other, it suggests very strongly that the functional ability of the former is

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was similarly involved, but this condition likewise disappeared

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punctured in the carelessly performed operation of tracheotomy ; or to the

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Oakville. The House voted to accept the report of the

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and this is to be found in the increased luxury, irregularity in home

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small, separate masses, the cavity may be packed without the use of any force,

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important laws physiological and pathological, have in this

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cord and of their homologues in the bulb and mesencephalon. If, therefore,

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ticular fracture, we have resources that give us almost complete com-

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bones. — The following is a very brief history of a most interresting case

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in which casts are said to be absent, even though the amount of albumin is

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bacteria might be a cause of suppuration, but not the

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Professor Martin, and presented It to the Museum of the

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which has lasted some time the glottis may become further narrowed by

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laid we advance by the application of reason to them. In determining

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carefully seized in order to supply the deficiency of general rules.

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tion, lead succinate, a heavy crystalline precipitate, appears.

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August Raville; native of Italy, age 21. Black hair and eyes, florid complexion. Entered

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to the hospital June 30. 1891. Seventeen years before

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Post, Dr. A. C, Prof. Surgery, University Medical Col-

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