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small pulse with increasing rapidity, and a dorsal decubitus with a ten-

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extension was made, the counter extension l)eing the

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Again, in the oft-recurring fact that as a result of so-

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the abdominal cavity commenced to fill up rapidly, and in 24 hours a perceptible accumuUtion

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assistants, is a great aid to the patient. The back of the

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month there were threatenings of relapse, but by the end of a week

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quarantine, in his view. The Chinese railway people spent a lot of money

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Dickey ( W. A.) Pleurisy with effusion into both jjleural

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Proc. Phila. Co. M. Soc, Phila., 1880-81, iii, 87-98.

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Mr. Domvii.le; Messrs. Piivtiiiax ; Mr. Obmscy ; Mr. N. Alcock ; Dr.

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Medical (College of Philadelphia, etc Eighth edition, revised

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1SB. Nutrition Clinic. — The feeding and care of older children (six to sixteen

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blood of the rabbit and numerous blood examinations made by us

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any other service, but not one of these men was able to continue with

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hardly perceptible vesication takes place, which however is soon. ab-

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rises late with no appetite for breakfast, and no time to eat it if

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the proceeding which was practised; and I leave the

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some of the cases are possibly derived from of the vasomotor centers and of the heart

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Trent, two miles above the town, on an alluvial sandy soil and flat

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fragment is tilted backward. Reduction and retention in

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The Sjrmptoms and course of gonorrhcea present a good deal of

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tending to or compressing the posterior limb of the in-

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ing the eyes with a saturated solution of boric acid, I

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cinomatous degeneration of myomata ; but of these he regarded only

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very severe, sharp pain. Cal. fluor. 6x trit., relieved this symp-

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possible, to avoid this. I therefore asked Dr. Eyre to prepare

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