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curious disorder, found in the Peruvian Andes, in which a severe febrile

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increased to as much as thirty grains of the former and

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suppurating ; a small spot of the skin of the scrotum is slougliing.

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of the skull, are identical with those of contusion elsewhere. (6)

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bodies : Society of Medical Officers of Health, Sanitary

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the body and fundus, and at the pylorus the strong circular muscle

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have had some success, but not as much as we would like. We have, however,

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cidal ointment from the skin snrface. A second series of rubbings

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signs, because there are none (save lessening of the quantity of urine),

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the left eye, and only 1,638 to the right, the relative proportion being as

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with punctate dots, thromboses. If punctured, a clear liquid escapes,

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tinea versicolor oral ketoconazole dose

of work to student and practitioner, by bringing together under

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into their possession such bodies as are procured in this State other than

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properly constructed legal regulations, and compulsory prophy-

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Epilepsy. — The following is a favorite prescrip-

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a quart of boiling water, stirring it well ; let it settle two or three minutes ; then pour it into the

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and easiest method ? " The degree of immunity diflers

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this is not all that is done in the way of clinical teaching in

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teen deaths presented any satisfactory evidence of vaccination.

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in disease of the kidney, the incapacity of that kidney may be greater

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This disease is fortunately not nearly so common in Scotland

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chest. I had just become cognisant of the effects of leucocythemia

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be accurately diagnosed. "Practically, in at least nineteen

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I had now the advantage of Dr. Head's advice, and at his suggestion

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caused to slide the one within the other and rotated toward

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the shock from which the patient is already suffering, as do the more rapid

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this same muscle is able to do its work in assisting the child to

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Bleeding from the Teeth arising from extraction: Cut a

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the position of the umbilicus is five and one-fifth inches (thir-

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sterilization. The crescents themselves are not disturbed, but the plasmodia devel-

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occupied as a military station (if we may credit the statements

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always erred on the side of undue indul- if the one side will not accept our services

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