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gradually enlarged, and finally coalesced into large blebs

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good government and by giving collectively medicine's

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repute. In this connection it is interesting to note that,

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tissue Hayem's artificial Serum or normal Salt Solution. Grundin

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3diag. [Discussion], 79-82. — Field (D. L.) Typhoid

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tion of the suspected substance by chloride of barium, and then

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few of these chips, or small pieces, into a tumbler of water and

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The anatomical involvement in child-bearing is so vast

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delirium, and loss of strength; to the second group a curious air hunger,

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member, however, that you should never allow the patient

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farther away. Indeed, they were something more ; for the sight of them

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mals undoubtedly rabid, and not a death occurred in the series.

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at the outbreak of the War. At Valcartier he was transferred

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my views of the case, and the probable modification of the apparatus that

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new medical journal is indeed eminently proper, and those in

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was perfectly straight when doing this, so that the bell

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to the nonspecific case definition, we do not even know that

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phites horses and cattle take £ to 1 oz.; sheep and swine,

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entirely expelled in 3,630 cases: 1 treatment was required in 1,518 cases;

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the provisional character of callus, externally and internally,

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operation, and in doubtful cases the patient should be kept

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we still hold. It is to the effect that it is unjust for the Com-

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or less, with small vesicles, gradually enlarging to the size of

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ing by cyanides occur, solutions of ferrous sulphate, weak potash, and

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Opinions are invited as to the nature and treatment of the swelling.

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chemical acids mentioned above may be resorted to. The nitrate of

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porary excitement during which the eyes opened and the

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involved in a hemorrhage paresis develops in the oppo-

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liquefaction in 5 to 8 days, other vigorous liquefiers require 8 to 15

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