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" The practising chemist " — by which designation we do not

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tion that results therefrom. . . . The increased prevalence of

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convalescence. But further, I found in the second place that

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careful and elaborate report that at one farm near Eeading,

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fungus of favus (a mould) may be cited. Moulds consist of

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poh-nuclear count of 33 per cent, showed the existence of a well-marked

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means of help. If the child be healthy and it has not suffered

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arm and speech centers, while no case occurred to my observa-

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failures are the exception. All depends, as in every

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drunkards, and cease to recur in cases in which reformation of intemperate

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though there was a battle between the urethra and the fistula

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supine position became irksome for endurance. On the following day

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to result from dissipation and abuse of the sexual organs. It is some-

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his relatives or his responsible friends sufficiently

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as having a series of photographs taken, as a transient change of

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the amount of prostatic secretion perhaps much less.

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tioners, some of which are ludicrous and some serious in

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fastened upon a fo6t-prece, and a thick MryetftfP ViliMrpid brought

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FYeidlander or pin our faitli to some of the others. If the experiments of

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which speaks for itself in the growth of a miserable

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they become. Some have applied caustic applications, others the actual cautery ;

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source. Ann. d'hyg., Par., 1899, 3. s., xlii, 1.57-188. .

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convalescents ; and, second, to maintain the nutrition during

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was only one kind of morals and that was good morals,

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In a mixture of equal parts of venom and physiological salt solution

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When these symptoms take place the j testines were found matted together and

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in general request. Others will be added as the demands of

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Exciting Cause. — The disease is caused by the filterable virus of

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in the efficacy of the procedure, accommodate themselves to their dis-

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undeniably true that a villous growth, or a polypus within

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Escherich. Introduced under the skin, into the joints and pleural and ab-

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His article on the cure of tubercular peritonitis is

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