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thereby increasing the secietions and vascularity of these

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are more prone to epilepsy, other things being equal, than are those

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tory products, the organ is more or less enlarged, softened, and co

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vomiting and diarrh(]ea. The next (third) day she com-

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sis. Very frequently this diet suffices to control acidosis, and

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hypnotics as long as possible. If you are obliged to use

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misnomer, therefore complain if the victory be lost on

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frequent incisions freed the varicose vessels of the nose of some

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daughters, one thirty, the other seventeen, all suf-

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Referring to the last paragraph in the Report he considered

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most of that class of patients, their physical seiwations were

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There Avas no influenza about, and the blood condition Avas unaffected,

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implicated. In total transverse lesions of the spinal cord similar degene-

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J. Lewis Smith 3 says of infantile diarrhoea of summer,

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this reservoir overflows and is emptied out in sleep,

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technical ]iathologists to find a work on diseases of the Itlood

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an action upon the pancreas as is the case with suprarenal glycosuria.

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{From the Laboratories of The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.)

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in general are objectionable on account of the frequency with which

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qualifies the statement by saying that the feeling is more like cramp. At the

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" Hekla lava, according to Professor Morris, of University College,

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coin|)let3 deafness in left ear. Did not fully recover

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191, — Fiexner (S.) Certain forms of infection in ty-

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the dark for even a few days, I will have one which

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significance, since it shows that the parasites, at least some of them

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It is this test that, applied to human tubercle on the one hand, or caseating

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however, common to nearly all the teeth on the same side

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tation of the occurrence of the disease to the summer and autumnal sea-

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If the finger in the v.igina cannot touch the promontory of

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