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having her authority to support my views. She says, vol. i.
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Tayler describes a new instrument recently invented
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palpitation of the heart, with small and ire- ,- ,■ , , , .. , .
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inches below the anterior superior spine of the ilium a round
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The first was killed after two days, and cultures made from the peritoneum
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dered most satisfactory service in the past two years. They were in
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Atmospheric conditions have also to some extent an influence
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Case 42 (Hospital No. 34891). — Diagnosis: acute rheumatic fever. A. S.,
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made by convention to denote inflammation ; and when this is
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ability to interact with the scans to provide cutaway and
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Concerning Bedsores. — The President, in a paper on this
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we have seen the feces contain as much as 4.64 grams of sodium
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time as the fever spontaneously subsides, or is prevented raising by the
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produces the secondary nervous phenomena in the patient.
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had elapsed since the operation was per- wound healed, and the man left the hospital,
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is 7 of 5 1 (14%). Fetal demise after fetoscopy for fetal blood
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in the efficacy of the procedure, accommodate themselves to their dis-
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fever increased, the tongue became dry, and his sleep was disturbed.
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wisdom that values studied patience and perspective.
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think, in the negative. Alcohol, in a similar case occurring to us, we should
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the temporal bone may prove fatal without the occurrence of thrombosis
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for the relaxation. From the acoustic standpoint the study of relaxed
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tissue has taken place. This may have happened ; it is impossible
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these nerves well in mind, we recognize two paths over
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From the medical standpoint the aim is different. The pressure of the

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