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powerful and almost instantaneous exhilaration of the heart's action.

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stricken out, but that the full notes of the stenographer and Secretary of all the

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Cultivate love for children — love for humanity; and

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place the fulcrum close to the boulder and properly

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sated bile will occasionally give rise to very much the same train of

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to be employed by the late Dr. Hopwood at the London Free Hospital when

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easily performed, and as there was every evidence that the fluid in the

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has thoroughly studied the condition produced by the worm in

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and Trachea. I next day selected six others of various ages, treated

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to dwellings, work places, and other buildings, was emphasised. It

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whether we contrast students living under similar conditions, ex-

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ferment is present in the alimentary canal, and giv-

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moved into a new institution which now assumed the title of

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which he quickly returned to its grand story. The heady current adown

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from it — that it was usurping the functions of the General

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Colostrum 2.5 c.c. -f- crotalus venom 0.003 g rm - = Slightly ill ; recovery.

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the old methods in so differentiating tlie aniotba that

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iodides and bromides, cod liver oil, stimulants, etc., etc.

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where infants had influenza at birth, which seems to point to intra-

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would remove all doubt in the matter. — Correspondence of the British Medi-

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the work on a farm, and had as good use of his left

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tumor in the lower end of the windpipe where it divides to enter

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Allen J. Oilbert, Hillsboro, secretary, and Dr. Benjamin F.

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not a result of extravasation of blood, but is due to pigmentary meta-

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She was advised to have a small rectum bougie passed into the opening in

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