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Specially indicated in AnemicConditions. Mal-Nutrition or Mai- Assimilation.

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Surgeon, assigned to temporary duty at Fort A. Lin-

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pathic relationship — the like cured by like — he was ready to

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support him, and, with his last wife, he was ending his days in the

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as showing the incidence of tuberculous pleurisy in a

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ately after a bicycle ride; and Courtades** saw the swelling develop

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increased secretion. The oil is essentially a local stimu-

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brought with him a contribution to American institutions which has never been

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the hook or ratchet-like teeth can seize the intruder and

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of soreness in the limbs and joints. In a few cases the attack is

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the litter, start violently at noises, grunt hoarsely, champ the jaws, show

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ed with these parasites, especially rats and mice. Hence, to prevent

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sician, dentist or hospital. And only one percent of

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At the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, tlie mean height of the barometer

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of two to five drops three times a day. If the drug

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Pain steadily increased in severity. No vomiting oc-

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gins, " I swear by Apollo the Physician, by Aesculapius, by

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tions in patients with drug-induced photosensitivity, and

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p. SO. 69. TROUSSEAT. Lectures, trans, by Bazire, 1866, p. 261. 70. Ibid. p.

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« Monihly Bulletin of the Chicago Dept. of Health, March, 1899.

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from the native quarter, because the infection is there most concentrated.

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may presume to have become flattened and partially or

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