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24, 1915, followed by marked general improvement. The first glucose tolerance
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the veins were moderate in size; there was no other le-
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From this date the improvement was rapid, tlie membrane hang-
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attendant upon acute infectious epiphysitis, and if
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liniment, and other rubefacient applications may also be prescribed in mild
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lives without salt, sugar, spices, and perhaps bread, and therefore these
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ones a hopeless love affair are common factors. The tempera-
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2 These cases, "miscellaneous (slight reaction)," include spinal fluids from cases
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nicating branch from the fifth, it descends to the root of the neck,
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[1881 a]. — Rapport des expi'riences faites sur les viandes trichinees d'Amerique
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the disease. Dr. A. F. Pattee of Boston, and Dr. W. D. Hooper of Vir-
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of the pubes, and also to the cervix which lies close behind it.
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London. Fourth American Edition. (Lindsay & Blakistou.) — A Practical Treatise on Dental Medicine.
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steadily improved, and in the last letter written by Miss
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reux moins forte que M. lloux, en sorte qu'il n'est prudent de
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and interest necessarily exert great influence upon opinion.
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water or in wine, or give it to be swallowed by itself ;
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good, with good kidney function — the removal of the stone from the
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serum, using the agglutination, precipitation, thread, or Pfeiffer reaction;
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plumpness, a bluish tinge of the extremities, a coldness over the whole
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accommodated to the mass of the blood circulating in it." "Now we
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more powerful heart stimulants like digitalis for threat-
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sician, who alone can perceive nature's feeble and almost
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most convenient for this purpose. After the stone has been with-
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industrial medicine on December 1 at the opening of the
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tion of the tissue and again have bad results. But the truss should not
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nuity and philosophy of the mosL erudite to obscure
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method in regard to the management of diseased, sensitive, aching
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believC) that attending two or three years at an University, that
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sufficiency may be questioned, while the oversight is

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