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and bringing the practice of our profession to a more effective plane, than by

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Medicines, which n>ay be had on reasonable terms.

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(Limited to Fifty, of whom Twenty may be Foreigners)

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parts o^ the Ambbican Medical Association would go far toward

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the adoption of public health programs, the enforcement of

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butchers' shops and slaughter-houses. It also prevents

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the disease, but it has changed it to an intermittent or

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assumed, since they gave liim some slight comfort during the paroxysm.

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hospital civil, etc. Habana : Iraprenta " La Antille " de Cacho-Negrete,

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secondly, that of suggestion in the waking state ; thirdly, that

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I can say that I have never seen any .sign of irritation pro-

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thus lost, from the fact that your observations are limited to

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Suez Canal, is about to be sent to Panama to ascertain what

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Another curious fact is that when I asked him if he could give

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metallic luster appears on the surface). The specimen may lie either several

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again used. Consequently, either a new instrument must be provided for each

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irritating, and yet thoroughly effectual in its operation. The emetic

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of any ganglion cells of the ordinary type in the ovary.

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Algeria is to maintain a free service of female physicians for

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ing; walking across the floor is excessively annoying to the sufferer; deafness

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"Three Cases of Pleuritic Effusion/-' was the title of a paper by Dr.

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in the apex of the right ventricle and in the right auricu-

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Surcharges will apply during peek periods. Car categories subject to availability. Prices guaranteed

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although the passage of a large stone through ulceration

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are blackened by the osmic acid in Marchi preparations. (5) Typical plasma

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(M.) firysipfele de la face; metastase et endocardite in-

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extent held in their respective positions by reason of

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