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tionably prove of value. While the time is short, yet it is ample

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with the optic thalami. With reference to the object of these extensive connections. Dr.

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Pupils dilated, 3, (9, 15, 17. The last two by small doses).

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had diffuse induration and inflammation about an infected

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this kind are constantly found in this institution, and in this

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hallucinations are not uncommon in the later stages of the hysterical

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We have received the first issue, covering tlie raontli of

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sule. If then the gland softens or becomes caseous, the

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men. Course, converging outwards. Insertion, great trochanter.

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and is well ten years later. 26. D.'b wife died of phthisis,

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[Reprinted from The Journal of Expeiomental Medicine, August 1, 1921,

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first 48 hours after the appearance of the blush. In two cases (22, 24)

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guinea-pigs were treated ; the general observations

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which, when cut down upon, a broken needle was extracted. Many

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strangulation of the intestines by a band; the pain in pancreatitis is

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" The fine nerve bundles which run through the tumour are widely

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sive; hemorrhagic cerebrale; marche de la temperature;

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sary in this disease, quinetum cannot be used in it as

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Experiment 6. The yellow coloured precipitate, (experi-

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over the grounds. Then suddenly all was still. What was the

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earlier than does the Widal reaction. Ewald's view that the reaction

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so that what remains of the healthy lung tissue is practically sufficient

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justifiable to close schools on account of small-pox, and wliere tliere is a

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something in the shape of a maieries morbi^ though in a

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of the cellular and fibrous tissues, is commonly designated by the

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by this Act. The first clause which I have quoted states that the

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these. Friedreich has certainly noted a peculiar variety of this disorder, which

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stances of each separate case must here point out the limitations.

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