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is admitted by this eminent and acute philosopher, but he con-

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duced by a stronger extract. This reaction takes from ten to fifteen minutes

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of one or more of the senses ; though in my experience these sensory

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mendations will be also received by medical officers

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after taking food. It may only continue for a few days, or may last a

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said Board, on ascertaining the truth of said evidence, to revoke said

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still continue to enter our gates, and we are adding to

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Lode" claims for a certain diplococcus, whose identity he was

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type of young women ruins her morally, tions have frequently been mistaken for

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tirely cured, the other two being improved ; and in the

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the original focus for dissemination than a focus invaded by

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patient the best chance of recovery. Under any form of treat-

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the existing department, and establishing in its place a

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Osier gives it as ten to thirty per cent.; J. C. VVilson

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is, as it respects the uterus, I have already shown. Dr. Car-

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remarks refer more to what was said by previous speakers than

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Monday, Septemhcr Stlt : American Association for the Ad-

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Fig. T73. — Agchylostoma duodenale Dubini : First (larval) Stage of

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alexins or form an antibody to these excretory prod-

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chronic appendicitis, l^e growth appeared to be primary in

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our country, and united into one harmonious fraternity, and must adopt such mean

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to come; Dr. E. W. Bartlett, always a leader in the medical thought

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from unrest to rest, and the subsidence of fever, give a delusive aspect of

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or uremia. Perforation and the discharge of pus into the peritoneal cavity,

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perature was normal. Two days after admission the house

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problem, the findings and experiences of others must necessarily be

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slow pulse, the increase of blood-pressure which is pres-

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The most conservative of us are frequent- Sanitary Instruction oi School Children.

nizoral 2 cream for hair loss

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ment body, and was about to take a second, behaving iden-

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