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best, I think, in any community. Milk epidemics arc

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families are sometimes swept away from exposure to this exciting

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slight experience against Yon Graefe's ; but, although he had

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riasis the subjacent skin of the scalp is never healthy, it is discolored.

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and weak attempts at reasoning are seen in every asylum.

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the vessel, and the inner coat, being deprived more

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were a few calcareous nodules in the apices of both lungs.

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serous infiltration, fatty degeneration and proliferation of the interstitial

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from the paralysis nor improvement is to be looked for. The best that

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iswellings above the clavicle, dilated veins, and inability to stoop down.

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a short time after the accident, and found that there was complete

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debated, therefore, is— Shouldanj' or all of these three gentlemen

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scription of them. Objective symptoms, on the other hand, are those

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degrees. His bowels move after the exhibition of strong

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appearance than that shown by the whole tongue at a later period.

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"blood ptosis test" might be used to approximate the altitude the

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came into force, the yearly average was but two per

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acid, which is without etiologic effect, is deposited at the necrotic focus. HalP

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all other efforts put together. This should be the keystone of the arch,

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leads to error. It is surprising, also, how rapidly one thoroughly con-

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hour, five times a day. The usual course is about a

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six parts, treating of pharmacy, materia medica, thera-

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cure, and ultimately so mixed in the elements of the sac as to disap-

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Indeed the great triumph of Coue's clinic is the curing

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This instrument I applied in two cases. It held admirably ;

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Many prisoners of war will be wounded, injured, or ill, and

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is absent, and white softening takes place from the outset.

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much after the manner of charging a phonograph with

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darkest, and when most conservative men had given up the then

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be in common affected by common causes, but the hair

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\_Abstract of a Lecture delivered April 1 8, 1 890.]

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