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left to suppurate and contract during healing. I have

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I would observe further that the experiments made with

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cient to affect its taste, is given ad libitum. It is readily retained by the

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trary, after the injection of carbonate of ammonia,

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recorded. In one the principal symptom was a so-called laryngismus, in

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118. — Emblcloii (D.) Case of recto- vesical fistula in the

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implicated in the mischief On turning to the Eegistrar-

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to the colloid milium of Besnier). The patient was 20 years of age,

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tongue cured, and one case each of hemiplegia and para-

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may be alleviated, but I am convinced this was one of a large

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operations are reported. A woman of 55 had had pneumo-

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vention in Lesions of the Brain," Dr. Laurent believes he

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(J.eveloping from the egjgs of Ckrysomyia niQ^dlaria, a fly commoii in

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circumference of neck at middle, 14$ inches; circum-

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the provisions of the Bill to Scotland. If the intentions of

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zealously defended, that mere protraction of labour, per se, has but

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tended capillaries and which are filled with masses of faint yellow shadow

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larger medical schools, men who have had from 3 to 5 years special

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to which, an emetic should be given at stated intervals, or on the occurrence of

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cerous subjects, whatever the seat of the lesion, is more

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cases. It is true that occasionally cases would be met

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be at once looked for in appendicitis were absent : excessive

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middle period of life, made frequent complaint of a

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