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I decided to trephine and relieve the pressure from the brain.

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absolutely certain. In view of the probable cause of this sign—

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quently resulting in accident and fracture of the op-

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palsy ; but it would appear that paroxysmal attacks of cough and dyspncea,

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French Hospital in Constantinople. — The Sultan has

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of the frog after excision of the liver, supposes that it is in the latter organ

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regularity, measles following whooping-cough rather than the latter the

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murmurs, which had been well marked in early life, was

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are the number of the cases of cancer. He thinks that the

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suggested as a reason for the discrepancy that in ^Nliiller's cases

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but pitted on firm pressure. The abdomen was distended, but no areas

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the cornea. No doubt, that might arise from exposure of the eye, but on

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I do not think I will ever do another operation for a condition of

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changes than the right; and when both sides are implicated, the

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ment and may be caused by anything which irritates or impresses the

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vention in Lesions of the Brain," Dr. Laurent believes he

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November 6, 1880. True, this had to some extent been foreshadowed

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it is necessary to be at once bold and jMudent. On the

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way, by rubbing between the finger and thumb a lock of one's

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cases the complete confidence of the patient must be secured as a

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cattle, with the taking of the after temperatures beginning two hours

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mastoid cavities were irrigated with a solution of bichlorid

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industrious student would require too much of that time

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be mixed with, and tenaciously to retain, the flying dust and

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"These neuralgias have been of two varieties, reflex and non-reflex. Of the

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first. Xhey shall perform all other duties pcescribed for that

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