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Psychiatric units doubled and tripled in number. Many
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they are throw^n into sinuous curves, w^hich are conspicuous in the
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motion ceased, but the cilia? were still distinctly observable, al-
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or no happy result could have been expected ; yet we find that of this number
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was given much publicity and seemed at the time to be a cheap and
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St. Paul up to and including July 15, 1901, by depositing
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any one individual or that every feeble-minded person exhib-
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Sir : Your valuable Journal circulates to so great an extent
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Car 5815 was a slight modification of the ward car and was fitted up
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rate of the herring, the elephant, etc., in a compara-
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The Chicago Department of Health is issuing a circular regarding
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and Saturday. Heads of the research staff, the staff
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traction and make the vagina clean, and I have never had
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the abdomen, and both spleen and kidneys were enlarged.
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chestnuts from the fire. Authors who belong to the profes-
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lishment here. ... I feel sure of being completely cured of
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experience with the previous ones had made us believe that in the
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Pus is present in only a certain proportion of cases. In chronic menin-
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rations of the pectoralis major muscle are | to poison themselves with lobelia, salivate
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rhagins of the rattlesnake are different from those of the copper-
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From these statistics may be seen how greatly the prognosis has
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must be given in small quantities, a tablespoonful, or a teaspoonful
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since its close has practised general medicine in this

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