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needle. This slight wound apparently healed, but at the end of
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propriety of considering the acute and chronic affection as distinct has
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care in the condition of malnutrition above described (after
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widening all the flaws; stout pieces of cardboard were
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whicli was lately under treatment in our wards, and of which one of
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intensity of the symptoms when administered at the b^inning. In cases
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uneasy and restless ; the following morning he was missing, and has never since been
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The Franklin County Medical Society held its regular meeting
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tion of the living apartments, clothing, bedding, and the like are re-
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at least I was not aware of its having been stated — that
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fevers, acute rheumatism, and to accelerate parturitions.
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was greatly modified by drugs. Drugs whose action was
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we introduce instruments alongside of the finger, grasp the
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— an altogether unique case. In less than half the cases, cancer in-
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brick will be used in the construction. There will be three storeys,
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usually localized into a generalized disease by diminishing or sup-
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appear are very remarkable. During such epidemics, while the cases
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secure sindlar relaxation. Relaxation of the ciuadi'i<"ep.< may be procured by
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extending in front to the umbilicus, and occasionally to the
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perience little difficulty in getting a sufficient number of
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not be just to rule against the subject because of a slow return.
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of life. Cause, obscure, probably scrofulous cachexia. Under
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Third, the guidelines are likely to increase the demand
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otherwise. While there was too much carelessness in the giv-

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