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kept clean, in perfect order, and together in a neat case, or
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tissue has taken place. This may have happened ; it is impossible
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CH formyle ; and this new radical is combined with three of
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Atlas and Epitome of Gynecology. By Dr. O. Schaffer. of Heidel-
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stellung des Hyalins in der Oberhaut. Monatsh. f. prakt.
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Fig- 9 (Q. Family). — Pellagrin 860, L. Q. S., aged 34 years, was a millworker
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subjects associated with Medical science drawn by lot by
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which deficient alimentation has been a predisposing cause of the disease.
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id this cliange will serve to divide the career of the affection into two
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named of any note in the world but the paretic has been in-
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following; but these symptoms disappeared as soon as
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bombardment of demand for instant solutions that keep us
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must continue so long as it be the fashion to expend a great
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commonly when the patient stands for any length of time a portion of the cervix
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the operation; four died, one had recovered, one was still in-
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Apart from syphilis I have not found ocular and aural
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Surlenn^^"'^;'^ for fourteen years Tte great Parisian
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girl of 6 years. This age is a year younger than the age mentioned
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the world, and in nearly every department of human activity.
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place ; consciousness is only apparently lost, for after the seiz-
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