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First of all, remembering the diversified flora of the
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fectly straight, as a stiff knee joint in this position is very much more
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** It is known to all that the sight of appetizing food makes one's
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^ Prtssure on ih-ym^ iDots may cause intensely uaiuful areas of skin, which w?
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who required a tracheostomy. Eleven charts were identi-
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who are specially interested in this branch of science, that
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repetitious. It is inconsistent in places, and abounds with digressions.
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To David Clapp and Son we are indebted for 271 bound volumes of
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from the body's type in shape, yet are not defmed in
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above knee. Somewhat swollen at the time, but did not begin to enlarge very
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quence 01 pain in both hip joints, and in two days the knees, wrists, elboWS, and
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cases, to the amount of $8.00 for the first day, $5.00 for
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Irwin, Hammer C, Pocatella, Idaho, Univ. of Md., 1912 1914 191(5
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a tumour has been found on one side or within the wall of the cavity, as
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adjustments are demanded to make good oxygen deficiency in the
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ages for air and food, it is necessary to recall to mind
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suspected of doing so in several of the cases in question; and,
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there is no oedema the rashes are probably of toxic origin.
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number. Despite the severity of the winter the number
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" A Yorxc; mother is usually influenced a great deal by
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section, and a large room for microscopic and chemical work. The
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ney excretory function which is most clearly shown by the inability
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almost rely on perceiving marks of privation in the
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F.R.C.P., Consulting Physician to the London Hospital. 8vo, 6s.
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But the most important part of this study is that which relates to
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great thinning of the renal cortex. It has been shown that intermittent
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given ; for 3 two coats, and for 2*5 three coats. The deepest
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Case CCCXXVI. vEt. 37 years; muscular. When in labour six or eight
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could be cured ; hence the older method of treatment
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30 Dr M^Gngox^s ^ccoutii of the Sick landed from Spain. Jatr.
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done with a strict regard to correctness, and, it may be
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phere, even though it were kept dry and cool. The improvement in
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feelinors caused by their employment. Once indulged in, it
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epidemics, the constitutions of years, dropsies, etc.,
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may remain indefinitely in the ear without injury, and in

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