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health of body and tranquility of mind ; and, to lessen the sor-

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considerable additions to our knowledge of the subject have been

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in different experiments from 46-5 to 864 per cent. Aron con-

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4 -nyppe, H. ; -nejja, B. 5 -nobe, B. 6 H. leaves out the equi-

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occurrence. Accordingly, in a large proportion of the cases it was

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treatment deserving of mention," continues the author, " is that by injecting the

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is always resorted to when the patient continues to

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The fifth Article is "a special report on the fevers of New

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several hospitals, and in the practice of several well-known operators; thus.

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ratiocination frequently exemplified in his consideration of

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tance of which is scarcely fully appreciated, even to the

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be caused to make a movement of the opposite direction by the simultaneous

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ence. According to Garceau, the growth arises in the parenchyma, and

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their reports, as if it were a shame and a reproach. While it may

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but from the day laparotomy was done, discharge at the

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hyperemia The neck is negative, except for slight bilateral super-

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was now decided upon, and the operation was performed accordingly,

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mendations will be also received by medical officers

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answers, the cost is $3.00 per insertion, sent in care of CONNECTICUT MEDICINE. Ad copy must be typewritten,

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as cholera, dysentery, etc., the attending diarrhoea may be due to the

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with the proper quality and quantity of atmosphere, this most

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and large, should follow his lead. I certainly appreciate Dr. Brooks 's

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It is a matter of interest when we consider the limited extent to

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up, and if she attempted to walk her movements were of

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anatomical study. The various nervous elements which I have

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to establish a National Vaccine Institute, and after a

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to me, when viewed in the light of my own observations, as untenable, since

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characteristic changes. The cells in the spinal cord were

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plastic material for the formation of callus in the track of the drill, without

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with bran slightly moistened with warm water. Rub until dry,

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he had so much pain that he could get no sleep at night ; his breath

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Nosologists, until very lately, were agreed in attributing considerable

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preparations, but he thinks that there are some others which may be preferred

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not been welcomed at the school. One of the professors of the

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efficient Medical Registrar, and was glad to learn that no

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