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In the AmeHcan Journal of the Medical Sciences for January, 1866,

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ginning to atrophy. It is best to commence with a moderate

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wounded tissue at the point of injury or operation, do

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terized by morbid deposits, such as gout, tuberculosis, carcinoma, and

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carditis, pleurisy, aortic stenosis, and regurgitation, and

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of the tumour, and in cystic goitre its action is absolutely nil ; besides, there

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not safe to be discharged. If the tonsils be enlarged we

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bility was intact. After active treatment (inunction of 90 grains of mercurial ointment

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is discriminated, on the other hand, from nnmixed t^-phoid fever brtbe

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Dr. Cecil E. Reynolds, Dr. William A. Edwards, Dr. Andrew W. Morton,

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Case II. — But the condition of the second lad was far more serious.

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allied in meaning to allegory. But in an allegorical

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himself in touch with recent advances,, but ho gets a

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10. Greenwald : Estimation of Nonprotein Nitrogen in Blood, Jour. Biol.

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heard ; a long, loud murmur, systolic in time, can be dis-

lisinopril 10 mg hctz 12.5 mg

fails to comprehend homoeopathic therapeutics, because it is,

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water fever is only found associated with malaria. The cir-

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Virg., Richmond, 1884, xv. 120-133. — Firth (R. H.) On

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common to all of us, colleagues and patients alike, namely

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common one, which the practitioner is asked to answer.

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the form of fat. The hepatic disease is especially observed in those con-

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and chemical changes were going on with much greater

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22. Treatment of Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Nerves . . 99

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tice of the best physicians, where it was real, could

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morning. Let the child wear dark glasses if old enough. If

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patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy should probably be

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The section of the act upon which this decision was

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Morton, of New York; 3. Henry A. Heilner, of Pennsylvania; 4.

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secretion. In fact, the quantity of these poisons in

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Schizont alternately free in plasma and endocorpuscular

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This is kept up day and night until the pulse shows improved

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It was very indistinct, but stiD intelligible. He was now hardly

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tube becomes of prominent and paramount importance. It sometimes

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ing the last few weeks injections of ergot liave been

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upward movement of the arms is continued until they meet above the

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