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blades; furthermore, it can be applied to forceps of

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of the Board entitled to vote, taken at a meeting at

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though a large quantity of fluid has been present within the pleural

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severe all day as to preclude sleep. She has be<»<*ed for

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content of the blood has teen made by H</)St and Hatlehol {Norsk.

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separated from other animals tor several months, and as small-pox was prevalent

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with Ursmia ; Recovery. — The case is reported by V. C.

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in the neighborhood of the intended puncture should be cleaned and

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reported. Acting on this suggestion in a case of my own, 3 vigorous

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Microscopic examination : In the region of the fibrous ca'psule numerous

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the dulness is expressed by varying the intensity of the color. A

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degree, of the doctrines of Stahl, Hoffmann, Haller, Brown,

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documents relatinir to the cases mentioned in the foregoing

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and a considerable portion of the trunk of that nerve, as it lies in the neck, may be generally

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care and nursing. As a rule they occur in the sacral regions but in rare

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the Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Trinidad, to

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and the patient had regained his full normal weight. No

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knee, may give us additional information. Should the

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The second case was that of ^V. W., aet. 19. He lost

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cases of typhus abdoniiualis ; typhouialarial infection or

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be differentiated from other tropical sores by the finding of the leish-

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indeflnitelength, with thin walls, containing a eemilliii'1 ^

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•be encouraged to form foci of scientific learning. It

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two of the men that were shot died from the effect."

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fourth day he commenced to pass blood with his urine; the puralent depo-sit

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in certain cases. Deliciency of bile is often treated as a functional ali'ec-

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of the opinion that there is a large field for perforative instru-

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theria diagnosis and diphtheria therapeutics have got to be started over

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tention to bacteriology, or an English chemist to min-

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recover in which there has been a complete suppression of

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Or touching the parts with a solution of nitrate of

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the most gratifying success with this medication, and his

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