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apparently at an end by the 17th. Evidently the immediate surroundings of

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related and interdependent as are those of the human

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Anesthesia may be complete or partial (hypesthesia) to various

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ance neither the secretion of gastric juice nor the absorption

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perforante 6 mal perforante del pie. Rev. m6(l.-quir., Ma-

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sedate person should be sent out of the room, and a few cheering

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favored the removal of the entire ovum with its mem-

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Palliative treatment in children by means of trusses and bandages used con-

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Tetanus is more frequently seen now than pyaemia ; and for its cure most of the

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more irritating. House dust is more harmful than outside dust, not

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other, and is not equal to other works to be had on the same subject. The

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I have used bromide, iodide of potassium, bichloride of mercury, etc.,

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later period of their history they adopted the custom of

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opium habit, yet I have had but little experience treating such cases

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The ioiporrance of this remedy will be better understood,

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irops three times a day for the past mouth. This is

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review might refresh the memories of those who served the

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factors. He has been in close touch with the work of Funk and

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Treatment of Traumatic Tetanus, Illustrated by Observations on various

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6trin"^s or chaplets following the division of their lobuli. One of these

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and the diffuse, involving the greater part of one or both lungs.

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feeling of lassitude ; death occurred suddenly, and no changes were found

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ordered external water dressings to be changed frequently,

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all reported cases is exceedingly difficult to say, especially for those

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mother called "a phase of quite, grave deceitfulness." He became timid and

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spreads to the others. Chronic inflammation may remain limited to one.

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remarks appears to have been, first, to apologize for the

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arising from this cause, unless, at least, the cord be under ten

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of piers. The caisson disease is an affection, largely of the central nervous

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Tl^ plaster dried rea<lily, and the cbild was sent home feelin.

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Dr. Wyeth’s “Text Book on Surgery” passed through four

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was much more impressive on that account. In southern practice

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