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according to the amount of anesthesia produced by the ether. Deep asphyxia
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like, and especially if the temperature does not rise higher than 102° F.,
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Quantitative Estimation of Lactic Acid. Strauss' modification of Uffel-
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that she could not share the general opinion regarding the
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of se])tic accumulations, wliich would have produced localized areas of in-
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tetra-hydro-naphthylamin in normal rabbits. The second experi-
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July and Aus^ust. For two weaks she devoted her entire time to classes
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expect the reduction of the inhibiting power of the heated serum dilutions to
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1 The time of their occurrence,— their nature. 2. The exact P eri °^
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almost all fertile ; and after that age sterility gradually
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seems hardly possible to draw any very positive conclusions
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ear is atT.'cted. and indeed our apprehensions of danger
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so the numbers naturally rise, but it may be noted that the rise in the
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unprofitable to inquire how far our institution has
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Stoeckel refers to the occurrence of such cases as the result of
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and pisifornt. The lower row has the trapezium, trapezoid, mag-
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school of Hippocrates — the believers in the maxim, contraria
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but he would exclude that afiection also from his question.
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XLII. Local Diseases : Apoplexy from Congestion, . 493-504
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cine of by gone days, A good deal of material of this character
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One cannot predict in an individual case when the skin is irritated
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very little in essentials from similar institutions of like size in America.
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prompt attention in private practice ? He receives what to my mind is the
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syphilitic affections, by the institution of vigorous antisyphilitic
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sarcoma, are very distressing. There are plenty of instances
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made as far forward in the ventricles as possible in
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known in that neighborhood. Members of the fixmily of the tavern-keeper
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runs upwards and forwards through its substance, to open into the

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