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in the walls of the bladder, or elsewhere in the urinary

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with no special care, still retained its bright yellow

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(Alvarenga Prize Lecture XIII) Francis D. Moore 106

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president. Dr. Henry Beates, Jr., Philadelphia; second vice-

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me a little trouble, and threatened an abscess at this

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removal of the conditions by which it is kept up, are the sole treatment

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less because of the obstruction in the portal circulation. Usually there

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rest in bed, light fluid diet, careful attention to the skin, the bladder,

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at all. From the facts, therefore, that marked and sudden drops

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253. — Otis (E. O.) Backward dislocation of the fingers

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Ing Education — A State Of Mind” (Dean’s Report), Vol. 46, No. 12,

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Eichardson did not take an opportunity of seeing the

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very definite way the protection against diphtheria which an infant

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Director of the First Brigade, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel.

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and residents. It is a compelling task to protect those

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prove indisputably that alcohol becomes absorbed. Dr. Cook

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female sex. We must also observe that sooner or later, according to its

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tion of phenolsulphonephthalein during a two-hour period. The

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includes an intense series of advanced coding exer-

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cases seem also distinct from the milder form we fre-

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and their uses, and I have desired to do it as simply as possible.

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Sections were formed for the special study of materia medica

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22, 1922, complaining of a tumor mass in the left hypogastric region,

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Presidents, Dr. W. N. Sherman, of Merced; Dr. T. E. Taggart, of

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that might well apply as curriculum vitae of medical school faculty. Anthony

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gradually, without either loss of consciousness or convulsions. After the

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It has seemed to me that it would be of more service

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and it is our duty to open the abdomen and search for the

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not," I am informed he saj-s, "the absolute bacillus, but

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