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the existence of such lesions in bone, but it seems

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2295. If it proceed from no evident cause, and the system ac-

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interest the Medical visitor in the Exhibition. If, however,

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and Hurt, delivered at the Conversazione of the Royal College of

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On his discovery of the minute vascular circulation the immortal

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distinguished University of Dublin (which assents to the

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running commentary by the editor of that journal: — "The case of Dr.

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expressed are not to be interpreted too rigidly, for dogmatic statements

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the body is bent from the waist so that the right arm goes down

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own children, had similar malformations, the fistula in two of

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served in twenty -five per cent. This figure, for the reasons

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Dreama Gail Baker, MA - Competency Assessment in the Elderly Sept.

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EiCHELOT {Gaz. des Hopitaux ; Centralblatt fiir Gyn., 1894, No. 21) ex-

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been considered in the first part of this work {ride page 57). The intes-

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are of such thickness as Avould be normal had the capacity been unchanged."

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chemical structure discovered, and, above all, the interesting

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8. Resnick, D.L.: Erosive Arthritis in Hyperparathyroidism. Ra-

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ease of the cutis is accompanied by a morbidly profuse growth of epi*

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Definition. — An acute infectious, endemic and epidemic disease of

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minds of medical men are, that the bone, dura mater, and substance of the

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to the highest degree and were kept comfortably housed

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Dr. Muliiall lias already stated what I was about to say. that

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under cocaine in ten- to twenty-per-cent. solution, of the

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ments along the line of scientific medicine. A man may

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the disease, with crusts, ulcers, etc., due, according to Ceely, to the

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Unmacerated cut sections of organs were also inoculated to test for any

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the point with surgical wool. For 24 hours after, the diet should

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gradually, without either loss of consciousness or convulsions. After the

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