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now claim to practise what is termed rational medicine

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celluloid can be made incombustible by the addition

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Governor Kussell has appointed .John G. Blake, M.D.,

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Proc. Roy. Soc. Lend., 1891, xlix, 137 - 141. — Stulzer

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Dr. Geeenhow gave the particulars of a ease which ended

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with which such a reduction can be accomplished with-

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their junction. A light is thus produced, more brilliant than the sun, or

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fuse rash appears upon the surface of the entire body

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The females make the shirts, and knit the stockings; they wash and mend;

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time, was regarded as a novel epidemic, and received the name of dry

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Since the publication of the second edition of this work

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Principe. After obtaining the flies at Principe, I lent them to Dr.

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ness per corpuscle is greatly reduced, and the curative

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point. It was possible that the continued use of this

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to me," he says, " by Dr. Leslie, an eminent physician of Kio Janeiro,

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dipped in alcohol. The operation on either eye is done

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life is fully double that of the dwellers in neighborhoods of quite close

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but he did not think that, from the observations thus far made,

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immersed in a medium with radioactive substrates, and bacterial growth

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nothing abnormal before removal, but the pia mater was much con-

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no injury to the soft parts around the seat of fracture. This patient was

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allow men of great ability to have their names printed

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remaining portion filled with finely granular material. Some of the tufts are

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is diminished, as might be expected, because of the increased for-

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more general rendition of the dates of tenure of the

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Rule #$ You will never find more than one of any given eight things you

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at a height of eight thousand metres. This experiment

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sium was usually administered. Iodide of potassium, since it

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chusetts Reformatory Prison for Women 154 patients were ad-

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Sauvages- and Cullen,^ mention gibbosity as one of the causes of

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cause of dental caries, since it is invariably present in the

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