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support for collective bargaining if our ethics weren’t

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fused and intolerant of light. The guvis may be swollen and spongy; later

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Officers for the Ensuing Year were elected as follows:

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image, to avoid using our accommodations, and what a large amount of

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both legs. The spots disappeared in five days. A mixture of 10 grs.

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by his invention of a lamp " for the examination of the outer passages

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years he had frequent urination, but never any pain or anything

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At the commencement of business the standing orders wore

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boric acid respectively. Our early experiments indicated that the

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as possible these lacerations, because in that way all

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the commencement of an attack of acute illness, or on the

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Ibid, t. iv, p. 193; 4cnie memoire. Ibid, t. v, 1891, p. 463.

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and she felt like crying continuously. At that time,

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ing reauires no particular skill ; the method is almost ideally

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of censors. The by-laws and regulations are such, that we can esclude

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disease, stupor, more or less profound, exists for some time prior to death,

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have also a remarkable aptitude to form in the substance of the cerebellum ;

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two more deaths are recorded from the same disease after other

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In main instances surgery failed to relieve; in others, what relief

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The deviation of the eyes and head in the direction of the side of the

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sue was collected a large amount of fat, which gave to the

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cause, pain in the groin, with vomiting and increase in

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Chromic acid is self-limiting in its action, as it is ren-

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in the miliary form. Polyuria is sometimes present, as well as albuminuria;

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" Q. E. S." deviations begin, and they are followed by a slow blunt

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demonstrated, but their efficiency can also, to a certain

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