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jealous lover; and when her body was to be burned, Hermes

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After two baths the patient said that " he felt life coming into

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The spleen was enlarged (13 by 6 by 5 cm.), soft, its anterior surface necrotic

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region. He is of opinion that the situation of the pain in this region

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Corns, one or more, often form in the area of a tylosis of the foot.

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examination therefore is the erect one. One reason why clinical

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agent in insanity, as indicating an intercurrent or

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Surgeon to the Royal Orthopaedic Ho^piul ; Surgeon to the

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tained of this Ze#,by the well-known Surgeons, whose names are

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An early diagnosis of arthritis deformans is claimed by

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perfectly well-formed foetal foot, apparently separated at the ankle

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manifestly extending his own field of activity so as to interfere with the

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dyspeptics are obliged to eschew variety, and confine themselves

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roll ( W. L. ) A simple and effective device to arrest

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et les adiUtes. Ann. d'ocul.. Par., 1897, cxvii, 384-388.

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Course, Duration, and Termination. — The cases of meningitis pre-

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you it is necessary to revert for a few moments to what may seem

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coarse sugar paper, cut in strips of suitable width — from

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staltic pain also is usually referred to the median line. The nerves

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arm or on the inner side of tlie foot, first of all, and afterwards in

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longed to a period of several months, and even to an entire year.

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on cold ; how he has tried leeches, cupping, blisters behind the

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tearing, or burning, or simply an ache, and is .generally confined to. a

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her secondary anaemia. For this she will be given iron and arsenic,

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cheerfulness. The rapidity with which the iodide acts in these

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the idea of making it a universal substitute for the lateral ope-

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The subscribers are under the necessity of cautioning the public against spurious imita-

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