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form entirely quieted violent convulsions coming on at the eighth

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Symptomatic fevers may be divided into the continued and inter-

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912 Experimental Illustrations of Convulsive Diseases.

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hand. The distal line may be somewhat broader and deeper in

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months. Treated in this way the product is harmless

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groups, especially in the white matter. The myelin of the fi])res soon

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time and means to investigate the record of their nurses."

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what may become a very serious and perhaps dangerous fever.

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are found in the nucleus of the twelfth nerve, which is entirely a motor

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the muscular walls of the organ, caused by over-work at drill

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upper respiratory tract, in both of which places a primary

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117. Hamaturia. — Dog (Walsh), horse. May be either renal

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entirely to the right ilium, there forms a curvature, then turns

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These patients had api)arently died of paralysis and obstruction

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men of exuberant intellects who like to have common subjects

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Dr. AI.E.XASDEE Wood: 'Wiat I said w,a.s this, that they

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before the effect is brought about, and the effects

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her entire family, menstruation regular, normal amount and

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is the cultivation of the social element, and the becoming better

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must have been sufficiently large to exert a perceptible influence

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dergo the customary changes, with pigmentary deposit,

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place, the pain, which is the first of the series of symptoms of inflammation

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Lipase or Steapsin. — This ferment was discovered by Bernard in 1849.

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here to refer in detail to the e^adence in support of this proposition.

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held on 19th October, 1819, just a hundred years ago, the

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care the changes in the central nervous system. According to Lewis these

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where Thomas Billings, Esq., now lives, in the valley, just south of

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bestowed no little study upon tlieir botanical charaycteristics. Under

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