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still discharging their products through the yet patent ducts, sometimes
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According to law and custom and in recognition of the interest of this
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forme desquamativo recidivante, acconipagnato da feno-
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muscle remains soft and flabby. In a similar complete flexion of the
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fixion with one or more needles, which were allowed to remain
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accumulate more in such rooms, warmed by stoves, but to fer-
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serum may be at fault. Septicemia, septic arthritis, and pyemia occur with
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and the form of the disease. Tuberculosis of the cervical mucosa
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run a slower course than that just described, septic symptoms appear-
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uterus, first before menstruation and during pregnancy.
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society for five years, ever since the first delegate was elected, and I
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Course, Duration, and Termination. — The cases of meningitis pre-
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Infection.— A number of these cases have been re-
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circulation and the general state of the vital functions; these are
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pad shall not slip from its position over the aorta (Fig. 349).
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Convalescence is prolonged, and requires to be diligently and judiciously
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age has been, for the whole people, 39.05 percent. The range in eighteen years
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other and speak of those improvements in this hundred-
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The other mode of clinical teaching I first became acquainted with
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observed when the patients first come under observation. The
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believe that all the necessary accommodations could
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curred in her. During September the weather continued sultry — rain
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Dr. Wharton said that he was glad to show these cases of

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