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ceding and contemporary anatomical authority. According to Gratiolet,

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fever as to the mode of infection by contact and through

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TTospltal. Boston. Mass.. Herman M. Adler, M.D., 673.

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plumbism. I have met with at least one well-marked instance in which a

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111.— Brownson {W. G.) Fracture of the neck and shaft

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a. In strong (8 ^j^^) aqueous solution (Lister) for the thorough

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— 2. Chassaignac. Traits de la suppuration, 1859. — 3. Crocker, Radcliffe. Diseases

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of the same family, when that family is subject to tubercular dis-

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the words " or may be suggested to them by the Branch

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ing: tympanites, adhesions, ruptured closed cavities, the

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gangrene of the lung in cliildren is attended with special difficulty,

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Autopsy, — Body extremely emaciated ; no jaundice ; no cedema of feet. ♦ *

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In September of this year, there was a menagerie at Philippi, largely at-

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serum PSA level is between 4 and 10 p.g per liter (by

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sought by the profession. It had been delegated to the Council by

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and even voiceless. ' Instances are reported of the natural voice returning

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Mr. Leuke replied that the experimenters believed the

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drowsiness, and on July 12 took to his bed with fever (102°). On

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to push the retina before them. Most of these were surrounded by lines

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m,ay become so altered that it becomes again a normal cell.

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tion, as illustrated in the History of a New England Family,"

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The vesical and rectal reflexes are diminished in posterior

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in from twelve to twenty-four hours. Its action can be

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entirely all bacteriological and microscopical investigation. I believe in

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in pahents with severe liver disease Observe regularly lor possible

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whatever it may be, without a diploma from such a school, without know-

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of the joint, and the drainage-tube held in place by small disinfected

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15, i8gi. Read again before the Syracuse Medical Association March

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differentiate many cases, but the clinical symptoms were

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