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(3.) Repressible stage : this stage is attained gradually after a mean

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members of the staff, has been responsible for a decrease


he Bame, and they claim the same treatment. The importance of

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entire left leg from the foot to the hip. About one-quarter of

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perature is normal, following a chill there may be an increase in fever.

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was some consolidation without softening at the nght

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epileptic discharge to the establishment of a habit. It can

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the kidney itself is at fault, or how far it is merely proving an adjuvant to

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4. Final rapid growth with such increase of local tem-

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The relapse period after treatment of 800 simple tertian cases was

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Med. Journ., 1886, xliii, 663 ; Parker, I'ritish Medical Journal, 1886, i,

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they persisted in the blood, what was their relation to the relapses,

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8. Ezickson, W. J. and Feldman, J. B. : J. A. M. A. 109:

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cities of the second class to seven, and in the smaller cities to five. In

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communications between neighbouring cells established, emphysema is

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Examiner in Physiology for the F.R.C.S., Surgeon, Bristol

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can only be mentioned for its pathological interest. It was proved that

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and from these to return it back again to the heart ; whilst an-

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nafjlniv ; especially so in the folds of mucous mem-

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his ward. He had a peculiar gaze, and could not give a ready and intelligent

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siology and Microscopy in the Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New-

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fifth edition, to a volume of over eight hundred pages, with the more

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and its vicinity by the above disease as the doctors alledge, we would

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also of their own personal cleanliness and dress there is much that is

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Disease already existing in the body. — For instance, tubercles

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not occur in tissue where there is no circulation, and the

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stops generally in the course of five to ten minutes,

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