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Novernher tJ^ih. — Trional discontinued. I'atit-nt sleei)s
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strangulated, not so much from the actual symptoms,
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lowed to enter the trachea in order that violent cough might be
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support him, and, with his last wife, he was ending his days in the
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from the under side of the liver. Half a Murphy's button
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of peritonitis we are dealing with as we are after an ante- or post-
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hone two inches long and half an inch wide, attached
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The Medical Record Visiting List, or Physician's Diary for 1905. New
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eral examinations. In about a month we found a more marked pic-
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to the wealthy aud accumulated a larger share of doubt-
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of urea in the blood according to the following transposition of the
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of these men were sent to the Hospital-ship from the " St. George,"
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of itself adequate to the cure of the disease. From half a dram to a
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On the other hand, wounds of the bladder, whether extra- or intra-
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most tenable, since the separation of crystals of uric acid or
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tions in Functional Diagnosis, Jour. Am. Med. Assn., 1907, 48, 1105.
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while the middle peduncles are probably concerned with synergy of
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all round, remove all restraint (although pressure in certain directions
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different tests which were applicable to such cases, and by timely
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it seems probable that, by increasing that flow, the accumulations pro-
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" After having collected the chyle, I observed the mucous
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that the body was that of an adult native male of about
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and sometimes dangerous. If a cutting operation be indicated, the bladder,
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The left wrist was slightly enlarged, owing to fluid in the
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her symptoms were the narcotism of henbane and opium, or the
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quinine itself does not act by dissolving the red blood corpuscles like
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est man, and for years he may not realize it, but let an attack of severe
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ing hyaline degeneration of a fibroma of the uterus.
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to say except to emphasize a few points. Every case of uterine bleeding

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