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fed moderately well, lay down and took plenty of rest, and the

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kidneys showed signs of chronic diffuse nephritis ; the cor-

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fibers ran straight, and his finding of such fibers in the tale of

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ber of a family was seized with cynanclie, scarlatina soon showed itself


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Dr. Hugo Summa, of St. Louis, remarked that he was interested in

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theritic patches in her throat. I could prevail upon her to

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hypertropliied. On the left side there was a good deal of dilata-

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administered in a rapid manner, and not sufficiently diluted with

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cupped. The immediate effect of bleeding, according to the same

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ing usually attendant upon young tobacco-workers the

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Black, the three Hamiltons, Alexander Stevenson, William

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London. Fourth American Edition. (Lindsay & Blakistou.) — A Practical Treatise on Dental Medicine.

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level between the artery and the heart must be given. Since the arterial pressure

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Age. — The disease is most often seen in persons who are advanced in

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(scarlatina, influenza, typhoid fever, plumbism, renal calculus, or gout), it

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Case III. — J. R., aged thirteen years ; Monroe County, Mich. ;

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organic pathology and morbid anatomy leads to no distinction

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division of the spinal cord had induced him to explain

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testines, ao not occur in a regular and uninterrupted succession

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ounces and measured ten inches in length. It lived eight

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removed. The patient, however, died of pleurisy, on the eighth

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tion of the blood. He decides that it positively is not due to this cause^

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present state of opinion of this important disease, certainly the

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the bodies have not united as they ought to have done,

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of the femur unless a skiagraph is taken on the leg being maintained all the time.

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