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used to be thought that you couldn't get the goodness without the grease.

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average duration was three and a half years, one patient having had

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It gave us no right to say that this portion of the brain might

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pillars of the fornix and septum lucidum are cut from be-

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when that condition is remedied the piles often disappear, or at least

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but I will not undertake to explain why. I would, however,

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longed treatment by pessaries, such as we have described, is quite inadmissible

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double vision; or sight is not quite good at times, or the patient is

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Professor Philipson, and that he be elected a Vice presi-

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Hooker of Hartford ; secretary and treasurer, Dr. Alice E.

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known to be an infection to which the liability is wide-spread, less attention

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Oetraria (si-tr^ri-^, L. ce-tr&'ri-a). [L. ce'ira

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until not a trace of induration has remained in tlie cica-

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sporonts 2-o /x by 1*5 p\ double form very rare. Invertebrate

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electrodes were quickly placed in situ and connected

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plete and ended fatally six days later. Severe psychical

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French hospital which is to be built at Nos. 450 to 456

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or brownish-black, and white dots, the former being the excreta and

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One of the oldest supporters of the view regarding the contagion of

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ing: tympanites, adhesions, ruptured closed cavities, the

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8. The Rontgen rays find a large field of usefulness in

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pseudo-i)araplegia, the symptcmis of the semi-devel-

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its functional powers have been reduced. Yet seldom

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sote, carbolic acid, or Listerine is advisable. In weak and

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Drs. Z. B. Adams, of Framingham ; E. H. Bradford, of

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one would expect in a man who had pulmonary phthisis. His limbs, how-

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it most efficient and practically applicable he evidently ex-

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Curette next, using as large an instrument as can be introduced, and with a

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time. The menses reappear, but the rhythm is broken, the interval

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patients. The institution is to be devoted to the treat-

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deposit ; and it is here that he avails himself of the discoveries of chem-

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principal town and the superintendent of schools ? Why is it not possi-

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affording any relief, although she takes to the extent of two drachms of

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were perfectly healthy. It would therefore appear that pyaemia dependent

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most frequently the abundant effusion into the pericardium is but

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