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plete exhaustion of potential energy has resulted from low-

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the fat-cells into reticular cells, and proliferation of the endothelium into the

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Subordinate to this arrangement, the corrosive poi-

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ries of the part, that ie, the more readily impaction of the fiakcs may

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The ears were found by Ziemssen to suffer in eight cases out of forty-

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In plates fifty-nine and sixty, comprising twenty-five separate drawings, we

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is in tincture, commonly called ca?nphire. Of this the

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in the ingesta it is necessary to use weak antiseptic solutions for this purpose,

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and right lung, or to sink far down into the abdomen. On per-

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most of that class of patients, their physical seiwations were

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Peabody . . . have taken on a very personal meaning for

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on the subject of Iridectomy in Glaucoma, which appeared in

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heart, chronic disease of the kidneys, and finally de-

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opaque; the lines of blood assume a cylindrical shape, and

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intima and adventitia — the inner and tho outer coats of the

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of the so-called infrangible or flexible glass have re-

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sembles saliva. The pancreatin forms about ten per cent, of the

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there are exceptional cases, the loss of senses is upon

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completely formed most of the organisms are destroyed by the activity of the

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But, on the other hand, they are common in those who appear to be

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Legal restrictions upon the practice of medicine ate for the protection

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as they would under lavorable circumstances outside of it.

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the man can stand and bear upon the lower extremities.

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situation of cemeteries, the burial of dead carcasses, and the inspection of

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undiscovered. The orifices of the left, as of the right ventricle,

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Bell located at Albert Lea and is being introduced into practice by Dr. F. A.

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Hospital, Blockley, during the entire term of the session, in conjunction with other

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and did not contain Rickettsia, and a temperature of 32° to 34° C. was

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Ae hmg, the calibre of the finer tubes be so much narrowed by swell-

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patients or those on thyroid medication, and in patients with impaired renal or hepatic

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