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little above normal. She recovered from the influence of ether

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Additions to Sprinohurn Hospital. — An important addition

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Maryland. — The annual oration, by Hon. L. H. Stkinkr, M.D., upon " The

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Signa. Teas, in 1 tablespoonful of water every 3 hours.

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States. It measures 27 to 37 mm. (or even 75 mm., after Busk) long by 5.5

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getically, because irritation of the skin is peroxide is useful, but the main thing is

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large differences may be observed, compared with the temperature

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and, soon after, coughed up pus in amount so large as to fill both mouth

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The rate given for the whole of England and Wales does not fairly

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Med. Journ., 1886, xliii, 663 ; Parker, I'ritish Medical Journal, 1886, i,

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sium was usually administered. Iodide of potassium, since it

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nomical results. Grain feeding was cheaper than either, although

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cleaners, comes a staff of hosewashei«, who scour the dirty

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tal advantages only by special agreement with the authorities of those

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Milwaukee St., Janesville, Wis. Salary for first year;

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Two cases of heart block with extremely high systolic pressure are ;

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unable to deal with the chief components for nutrition

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Many such printers' stories illustrate the power of

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Experiment 6. The yellow coloured precipitate, (experi-

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quires a good deal of urine to collect even a few casts. Only the hyaline

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neck dating from the day of birth of her child. The pain

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removed. The bone was found united ; the limb about its natural length,

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June 2-3— Southwestern Regional Cutaneous Flap Workshop. UCLA

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Radium is known to disintegrate into a definite number of sub-

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a small quantity of turbid serum, but no inflammation of the membrane

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the 1906 dues and have been reported) is 1,434. At the last annual meeting

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vacciniformis (Bazin), summer eruption or summer pirurigo (Hutchin-

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Congenital Imperforate Rectum. — Dr. E. D. Fergu-

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besides other benefactions, and all these at one College. And

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tion. As already said, nothing may remain to show that

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