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Syringe, urethral: For applying solutions into the urethra (Fig.

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fare, reports that the statistics of Massachusetts show

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rare occurrence, but its frequence was unknown to me.

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your firmest beliefs ill-founded. Naturally, therefore, common men

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the temperature rising to 103° to 104° F., with headache, nausea,

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jority of them must have been twice at hospital during the year. The Bar-

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in two volumes. By John V. Shoemaker, A.M., M.D. Sec-

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llic kiiliicys. 'I'liis tH'curs wIumi tlicjT is a liyperseeretion of niilk' or, I'oj"

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■which is thus contrived " a double debt to pay r"

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He has profited by the study of the best authors on the principles of surgery,

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arose after a comminuted fracture of the radius, which

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our mind, made for a long time, and which perfectly illustrate the

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and pounded fish. The patient left the hospital three and a

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garding the former as in contrast to the well-known aphonia paralytica^

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and had not entirely vanished at the time the patient left the

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a day and night, and more if found desirable. He has found that arbutin

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considerable that obesity results. Tissues in which normally but little

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ginger or sassafras tea was substituted, especially in spring,

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of its formation, and it will fall to 17° R. at a distance of eight inches.

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dinner, and luncheon at 3.30, after which the children go home.

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cases described by various writers, and by a comparison of these with his

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mococcic infection. The reactions following inoculation differ

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Archives Generales de Medecine, — Janvier, 1821, p. 116.

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cut ends were invaginated. At the completion of the enterorrhaphy

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same family. The first occurred in a child of ten years, the

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