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burgh — Dr. Melville Dunlop, Dr. John Thomson, and Dr. J. Stewart

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appear to have found any unusual difficulty in completing

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from the Sixth German Edition of Kraepelin's "Lehrbuch der Psychiatre." By A. ROSS

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and II. London: Henry Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton. 1920. (£3,38.

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At the end of the three- week period, a questionnaire is sent to

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other medical laboratories are costing the plan sig-

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Stenoses of the jejunum, ileum, and sometimes colon,

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according to a method the employment of which will, under all con-

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zofran pediatric dose oral

melorheostosis. During this period of observation no

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more tumors were enucleated through the first incis-

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with a syringe. He also injected the fistular opening

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says : " This Mary was the wife of Doggett the Player who left a legacy

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clavicle and 2 inches of the left clavicle were resected. The

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ability of distinguishing differences in pressure seemed

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of trouble, but once the word had gone around that I was insistent

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Among other matters, the book will be found to contain an elaborate description of the

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in the morning [Eye opener] to steady your nerves or get

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that, considering the population (1,667,841 inhabitants),

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The upper tube is carefully and gently heated over the flame of a Bunsen

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juice of unripe grapes, with rose-oil chopped in, is a very sufficient remedy for

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cedures reflecting the author’s preference and training.

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Dumas, two of the most eminent chemists in Paris. They, naturally incre-

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Indian to the British Surgeons' jiay. We congratulate the latter on this

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for continued use in young infants. I have thought it too sweet. The

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